Fairies so small they can hardly be seen, except for the laughing child within. Fairies so happy and kind, so gentle and wild, so go on and dance my wild fairy child.


Irish Wildlife

Irish Wildlife

Don’t you love to have a peak into someone else’s live or work? Well, I do…

So come along and we go and visit Bear Essentials in Co. Cavan. They are being kept busy with visitors you don’t see every day in your garden.

Bear Essentials is run by Anke and her husband Nico.I met Anke and Nico many years ago while I was exhibiting at the National Crafts and Design fair in Dublin. Now simply called Gifted.

While I create fairies from wetfelting merino wool. Anke creates Teddy bears from highest quality mohair material. She also stocks a lot of all things fluffy, soft and cuddly toys. And should Teddy bear ever get sick, their in house teddy bear hospital has you covered.

In more recent times though, they welcomed very special visitors. One that is very close to my own heart in my inspiration for Irish Wildlife.

Here is their story. Thank you Anke and Nico for your uplifting photos and stories on such wonderful animals. The red squirrel.