Fairies so small they can hardly be seen, except for the laughing child within. Fairies so happy and kind, so gentle and wild, so go on and dance my wild fairy child.

the magical fairies of Dooneen

The FAIRY Enchantment

Map of fairy world

Fairies have ruled Ireland long before we set foot on this mystic island. Fairies are direct descendent from the tall and graceful Tuatha de Danann a fairy folk that ruled over Ireland in ancient times.

To this day we celebrate along with fairies special days in the year.

Halloween followed by Yuletide. Then we celebrate St. Brigid’s day ( 1st Feb.) and St Patrick’s day (17thMarch). May eve (1st of May) fairies favorited festival, midsummer day (June), Harvest festival ( 1st of Aug.) and then Halloween again.


These festivals are a gatherings for fairies where they play music and sing .

The music of the Sidhe (Irish for Fairy) has a mystic tone that speaks directly to the heart. The more modern fairy music is more abstract and sounds like a calling to the wind and elements.


If a fairy wants you to make you dance, it would be impossible to resist. Their music is magic and has the ability to make you sad and happy at the same time.

Many great Irish Poets got inspiration from such fairy sound.

Fairies in Dooneen are fabulous dressmakers and deft with their fingers. They produce the most exquisite garments for themselves and others. Especially for special occasions they know how to dress up.  They love hunting for treasures too and will mislay your shiny jewellery at any opportunity.

If you would like fairy to bring a special note to the fairy receiver, I can arrange that too.

Get in touch with me and fairy will fetch her notebook to see if such a wish is available for delivery. So far they have never refused any message .in fact I think they really enjoy to see people’s faces light up with delight about their appearance.

Should you be so lucky to call a fairy your own,  then please be aware that dogs love fairies to bits….literally. It is well known to fairies that some dogs run away with them.  So please understand if they are a bit reluctant to take to your dog should you have one.

They’ll get used to each other though…..

Fairies sitting for a family picture
Fairies make great companions, never argue, interrupt to what you have to say, and will always agree with any decision you make.