Fairies so small they can hardly be seen, except for the laughing child within. Fairies so happy and kind, so gentle and wild, so go on and dance my wild fairy child.

Art and crafts sale

Welcome to  Franziska’s arts and crafts sale where you will find  reduced wet felted wool  products.

Art and crafts sale are handmade quality wool felted  products. Nevertheless not because they are not worth it. But rather the opposite.

To put it in another word, as a textile artist I try new styles and ideas all the time. I always finish an idea or a sample piece. But subsequently sometimes it’s not what I had in mind  or it is too time consuming to consider bringing it any further. At the same time. All of the creations are unique and well worth the investment. Producing felt in the wet felting technique takes a lot of time, resources and elbow crease.

All products are made from  felted wool and are not in any way damaged. Occasionally I simply need to free up space. Other times it’s the end of the line of a collection. Where I only have one or two wool felted items left.

 Feel free to browse Franziska’s art and crafts sale selection of  felted wool products. I hope you find something you love and cherish for years to come.

Check in regularly as I add other products to the arts and crafts sale section frequently. I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Arts and crafts sale

Franziska’s arts and crafts sale on handmade felted wool products is password protected. To access the code, simply sign up to  studio updates.

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