Fairies so small they can hardly be seen, except for the laughing child within. Fairies so happy and kind, so gentle and wild, so go on and dance my wild fairy child.

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inspired by the hidden
heartlands of Ireland.
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The Magic of Dooneen


Wool drawn and expertly hand felted, beautiful quality art pieces displaying an ebullition of colours and textures.

Inspired by strolls along narrow winding country lanes, guided only by dense growing hedges either side. Giving way reluctantly to discover hidden treasures of blooming flowers and native wildlife. Even fairies make an appearance occasionally.


I live in a rural Irish community. The quietness and peacefulness of my home allow me to observe native Irish wildlife in their habitat.Foxes, squirrels and hares are images that stay with me long after the animals went their own ways.These images are etched in my memory and I can recall them for my work.


Compositions of the sightings might change, but not the essence of my gratitude of seeing a hare lying in the grass in the early morning sun-rays.


Adopt a fairy, bring it home and mind it, our fairies bring magic and luck to their keepers. Collect and cherish.


Treat yourself and your friends to a course in Dooneen. Bring home a very special piece to decorate your home.

Special Commissions

Commission a special piece to decorate your new build, office or gallery wall, each art piece takes three months to create

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