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wool samples

How to make felt.

 A short tutorial on how to turn wool into felt. What to consider when buying wool and what’s important to know to get the results you want.

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I hope this tutorial has given you some answers to questions you may have had about wet felting. I know, when I started to experiment with wool, I was a bit bamboozled with terms I never heard of before and what they meant. It can get confusing, and you get afraid to do it all wrong. Wool is expensive and with all the choices it’s hard to know what to get and where to start.


The right wool  depends on your project. Merion wool will always give you a fine soft felt. Watch out for the micron in the wool you buy and what you want to use it for. In general, wool used for wet felting is much finer ( low micron number from 15-23)then wool used for needle felting.

I sell both batting and roving wool in my shop

Both merino wools are a 18 micron. Ideal for wet felting. The wool or felt at such a low micron number is not itchy. Even for our sensitive skin.

Felting with wool has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years. I hosted many workshops in my studio, and more recently online.

I wrote a blog post about the benefits of online teaching. The pros and cons of learning online can be read  here.

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