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Merino Wool


18 Micron Merino Wool

Felt Fairy sources wool from a very small supplier in Switzerland.

The merino wool is not from Australia and is guaranteed mulesing free.

With a 18 micron wool content it makes this merino wool very fine and perfect for wet felting.

The wool is available as a batting only. The wool is already blended.

It can be used for needle felting too, but it is very soft and I would generally use it for wet felting only.

If you are not sure of the colour or quality, I can send a sample if its requested.

10 gr. of wool will give ca. 15cm by 15 cm when felted. Depending of the thickness you want .

Sample costs are 3 Euro

Please be aware that the colour could be slightly different than seen here. This company only works with small batches of wool, so slight colour indifferences might occur.

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1 Spring Green, 2 Olive, 3 Lemon, 4 Sun, 5 Piggy Pink, 6 Pink, 7 Bubble Gum, 8 Mulberry, 9 Lavender, 10 Navy, 11 Blue, 12 Baby Blue, 13 Dark Blue, 14 Prussian, 15 Light Turquoise, 16 Turquoise, 17 Dark Turquoise, 18 White, 19 Grey, 20 Black, 21 Skin, 22 Cinnamon, 23 Chilli, 24 Dark Brown, 25 Crimson, 26 Red, 27 Barn Red, 28 Orange, 29 Dark Green, 30 Forest, 31 Apple Green


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