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Felt Mat


Felt Mat 20 x 30cm is ideal to work with if you use felting needles. The felting mat prevents the needle from breaking. The mat can be cut in half if you need a thicker mat. The needle felting mat will last for years.

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This mat is your ideal tool when you work with felting needles. The mat is made from super strong synthetic felt. When you use felting needles for your wool project it’s advisable to use a soft mat underneath your work. A felting mat supports your felt needle and prevents the needle from breaking or bending. It won’t stop a  needle from never breaking, but it will reduce your needle breaks a lot. Felting needles are very thin and really break or bend easy if they hit a hard surface. This is why a felting mat is very useful if you work with felting needles. This felt mat is 20 cm long and 30 cm wide. If you wish you can cut it in half and double the thickness of your felt mat.

Or why not order 2 at the same time. If you are serious about felting you’ll know how important a good strong felting mat is. They become your best friend very quickly. I use the mat for all my work and I wouldn’t want to be without it. I find them especially useful when I attach the Teeswater sheep locks to the fairies head as I need to push in the needle really deep. Or when I create a flat piece and I want to ground some of the loose fibres together a little bit before I wet felt the wool.