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Flower Wet Felting Kit


This kit is especially put together for the flower wet felting online course. The kit contains all you need for the flower wet felting course.

I am trying my best not to use plastics in my packaging and did not add it to the kit either. You will need some bubble wrap and an old plastic folder (or similar) to complete the course. I am almost certain most of you have these supplies already at home in some sort of shape or form. I am trying to avoid adding more plastics to our environment.

The kit contains:

  • 2 shades of green plus 3 other shades of individual colours 18-micron merino wool (50 gram of wool in total)
  • Bar of soap
  • 1 Non slip mat ( 50 cm x 30 cm)
  • Pin to make a brooch out of your flower
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Blue Flower, Dark Red Flower, Orange Flower, Pink Flower, Red Flower