Fairies so small they can hardly be seen, except for the laughing child within. Fairies so happy and kind, so gentle and wild, so go on and dance my wild fairy child.



Fairy Felting Kit For Online Course


Fairy wet felting online kit:

-40 grams 18 micron merino wool ( 3 different colours)

– 20 grams skin coloured 18 micron merino wool

-2 pieces of tulle


– 20 gram tesswatersheep locks (hair for fairy)

-2 feathers

-2 non slip mats


– pipe cleaners

-brown paper covered wire

-2 black 3mm beads

-small foam board

– core wool

-3 felting needles

-extra strong tread

Not included is fimo ( fimo is readily available in most craft shops and I use it for fairies shoes)

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Wet felting has become very popular. But as with every new hobby there are many elements needed to even just start.  For that reason I put together a wet felting fairy making kit that I especially designed for the fairy online course. This felting kit  contains all you need to complete the fairy felting online course.

But not only that. It will also give you tools and  left over wool to use again and again for other felting projects. In my mind it is difficult to enrol in an online course when I don’t know what exactly is needed to complete or even just start on something I have very little knowledge off.

With this in mind I wanted to create a fairy making kit that really has the same products and tools that I use during the online teaching. This makes the whole experience so much easier and you don’t have to guess if you’re using the right materials or tools as you will have them ready at hand. Because I want you to succeed on your fairy quest and give you the most enjoyable experience that I can offer.

There are 4 different merino wool colour combinations available and the fairy kit contains the following.

  • merino wool
  • teeswater sheep locks
  • core wool
  • strong tread
  • feathers
  • felting mat
  • beads
  • pipe cleaners
  • silk
  • felting needles
  • prick ale

But of course you can also order wool or other tools and materials separately too. I sell beautiful 18 micron merino wool in battings.

It’s very important that I know where the wool comes from. I source my wool from a small village in the swiss mountains. And I make sure it’s mulesing free.









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